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Our best, most effective work is always a result of a respectful collaboration between our clients and our passionate teams. Add to that the clarity of a smart brief, shared purpose, insightful data and actionable strategies and the outcome is work we want to show off.

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Janssen Pharmaceutica launched MyADHD, a content hub integrated with a Facebook community, to spread awareness about ADHD and encourage diagnosis in adults. They aimed to remove the stigma associated with ADHD by providing informative, accessible, and medically accurate information about the disorder. Through strategic digital advertising and public relations, Janssen targeted the audience directly and directed them to an online self-assessment. The results from the assessment would help individuals seek professional assistance and treatment. 



Roche wanted to create a campaign that got women countrywide involved in making a difference during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This birthed a collection drive of old bras that were used to create prostheses for women that were unable to afford it

Case Study

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Difficult challenges and tight regulations bring out the best in us.


To incentivise Exide sales teams across the country, we developed a web-app that worked as a wallet for every Exide battery sold in South Africa. This made use of banking technology and smart, digital solutions to give away vouchers to each and every Exide sales staff member.


With Battery Centre turning 50, they wanted to create a campaign that gave back to the people they value most, their customers. By giving away a brand-new VW Polo, the #StartSomething campaign wanted to hear the stories of how memories were created with Battery Centre at the heart of them.