Marketing Solutions - Effective SEO & Campaign Management


Let’s collaborate

To produce smart strategies based on deep insights.
Co-create breakthrough communications that add value.
Make a positive impact in highly regulated industries.


Our team immerses in your brand, extracting deep insights and applying them to formulate a unique positioning and strategy that grips your target audiences, breaks through the clutter and explodes KPIs. And, we do all this within the boundaries of your industry regulations.


We put your audiences at the centre of everything we do, taking the time to understand their pains and passions, and meeting them in their preferred digital spaces with content that engages. Heat maps, analytics and in-depth persona profiling ensure we craft deep, engaging and personalised experiences, all with the goal of achieving results.

G&G’s passion

Difficult challenges and tight regulations bring out the best in us.


With a clear email strategy and plan that is relevant, engaging and personalised, our email solutions achieve results. From conceptualisation, data procurement and management, to audience segmentation, broadcasting and detailed reporting, we ensure every aspect is optimised. This makes your email campaigns a targeted function as a sales tools, and encourages real action.


We identify the most appropriate platforms and mediums for online advertising campaigns, and take a holistic approach to plan and manage high performance media campaigns. Accurate targeting ensures you reach the right people and results. Whether a strong lead generation or brand awareness campaign, we combine smart, relevant creative with strategic media selection and ongoing optimisation to achieve lower costs per click, maximum visibility and exceptional ROI.


A powerful combination of traditional, digital and social media relations will ensure smart, behaviour-altering, thought-provoking and reputation-building earned media to amplify and bolster your paid efforts. We use future-forward strategies, that are agile to respond to fast-changing market conditions and news environments. We craft key-messages and calls to action to achieve your objectives while meeting industry regulations.


Consumers are already talking about your business and brand in the social space, which is why you need to own and guide the conversation and disseminate appropriate and correct information. We ensure your social media builds meaningful customer relationships, creates brand advocates, and nurtures loyalty, all while generating quality leads and enquiries.

Our reason for being

We get up early and stay up late to nurture long-term relationships with your brands and your audiences.


From a single platform to a fully integrated digital campaign, we plan, execute, measure, manage and optimise to ensure KPIs are not only met, but surpassed. We extract valuable business intelligence about audiences, channel selections and your business all of which go towards informing current and future campaigns.

G&G are driven to

conceptualise and produce breakthrough content that educates, delights, entertains and informs opinions and behaviours.


One of the biggest advantages of digital marketing is the ability to measure and track success using data and analytics. Deep analysis of the data allows us to understand your audience and campaign performance and continually optimise them to achieve results. It also provides valuable business intelligence and audience insights that inform success strategies not only for your campaign, but also your business.


Your website is one of your most important marketing and business tools, and should be informed by a clear understanding of your business processes, audiences, goals and objectives. Our immersive, tech-first and mobile-centric methodology means we strategise, create, build and maintain trusted, hard-working, highly-visible websites that meet your goals.


We craft highly strategic, breakthrough content that adds value to your business, brands and your audiences-at all touch points. From social media, website content, public relations, news articles, videos, photography, infographics, digital advertising to learning material, our content solutions ensure your brand and business is well represented, and breaks through to the right audiences, making them feel, think and act.